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Please take a chance to read through our 2020-2021 School Plan as well as the outlines below for all preschool classrooms!

Remote Learning Outline

Children's Program COVID Testing Outline

Children's Program Contact Tracing Outline

FAQ for Spring Programming


We are excited to work with our students and their families to keep everyone safe and continue providing high-quality programming.

At-Home Learning

Our stellar Happiness House staff wanted to make sure our families had the resources they needed to have some fun, active, educational learning at home. 

Our Happiness House staff at the Geneva / Waterloo sites have prepared a message for their students.

Our Happiness House teachers and therapists at the Golisano Autism Center have a special message for all of their students!

Animal Links:

Art Links:

Exercise Links:


Jameson is having fun learning at home!


Connor and his mom made a sensory bottle to use at home!


Harper has been hard at work keeping up with her academics while at home!

Our Incredible Students!

Learning Links:

NASA at Home

Storyline Online

Fine Motor Activities:

❖ Use spray bottle to clean table, windows, chairs, etc.

❖ Have the child help in the kitchen: Stir thick batter, knead and roll pizza dough, use rolling pin.

❖ Peel stickers

❖ Use a sponge to wipe down surfaces or bowls/dishes

❖ Push/pull laundry basket

❖ Use hands/fingers to pull apart/roll out/ball up playdough, putty or floam.

❖ Rip, tear and crumple paper (all different sizes and thickness); make it into a game like crumpling paper and throwing it in the trashcan or having a “snowball” fight.

❖ Snip/cut various materials with scissors – straws, cards, paper plates, grass/plants, play dough, licorice laces, string cheese, French fries

❖ Pop plastic popping bubbles

❖ Use tongs or tweezers to pick up small items (e.g. cotton balls) and place them in a cup or bowl

❖ Play with finger puppets to encourage finger isolation

❖ Coloring- it’s even better when done on a vertical surface or, if comfortable, on hands and knees on the floor for additional strengthening

❖ Pinch clothespins (hang clothes, pictures up on a line or pick up small cotton balls)

❖ Push/pull apart legos

❖ Pull apart Velcro

❖ Mr. Potato Head

❖ Hole punchers

❖ Pulling tape off the roll, or peeling off of a surface