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Ontario County

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Award Recognition

Staff Recognition Event

Mary W. Griswold Professional Service Award

The Board of Directors and employees of Happiness House recently assembled at a hybrid event to recognize the employees and to celebrate the culmination of another outstanding year.

One of the highlights of this event is the presentation of the Mary W. Griswold Professional Service Award, which recognizes the exceptional work of Happiness House employees who display the qualities and professionalism inherent in the mission and vision of the agency. The award was established in memory of Mary W. Griswold, a former member of Happiness House’s Board of Directors. Nominated by their peers, this year’s award recipients are Sharalyn Stott, Associate Director of Evaluations; Sharon Pierce, Teacher Aide; and Julia Gleason, Occupational Therapist.





Sharalyn Stott | Sharon Pierce | Julia Gleason

Mary Griswold Winners.JPG

Congratulations to the finalists for this award as well

Julia Gleason, Occupational Therapist; Amanda Hefferon, Director of Children's Program at the Golisano Autism Center; Terryl Hurlburt, HCSS/Com Hab/Self Directed; Kristin Ireland, Medical Liaison, Brenda Love, Special Education Teacher; Sharlene Manko, 1:1 Aide/Teacher Aide; Kristen Miskey, Physical Therapist; Sharon Pierce, Teacher Aide; Sharalyn Stott, Associate Director of Evaluations; and Kirsten Walkland, Occupational Therapist/Clinical Coordinator.

Mary Griswold Finalists.JPG
Years of Service Awards
5 Years
5 Years of Service.JPG

Stephanie Severson, Danielle Lyon, Kaila Turner, Amanda Johnston, Jacob Gray, Brenna Eckert, Debra Drennen, Braedy DelRossa, Sharalyn Stott, Dawn Harris, Kirsten Walkland, Riley Eike, and Kellie Parker

10 Years
10 Years of Service.JPG

Holly Bruzda, Courtney Burden, and Jessica Power

15 Years
15 Years of Service.JPG

Gordon Spencer

20 Years
20 Years of Service.JPG

Jack Bailey

25 Years
25 Years of Service.JPG
25 and 30 Years of Service.JPG

Judy Goodman & Cindy Perry

30 Years
25 and 30 Years of Service.JPG

Ann Decker

35 Years

Michelle Ficcaglia

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