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Ontario County


(315) 789-6828

Children's Programs:

(315) 789-6850


Ontario County

Adult Programs:

(585) 394-9510

Children's Programs:

(585) 394-1190

Golisano Autism Center,

Monroe County

Children's Programs:

(585) 685-8300

Toll free:

(866) 408-2550

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Corporate Compliance & Quality Assurance

Compliance Program

Happiness House has established a Corporate Compliance Program to demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards of ethical behavior and practices in all areas of business connected with our agency. The intent of this program is to promote ethical behavior in the workplace and reduce the likelihood of abuse, fraud, unethical conduct, and health care violations. The program was implemented to emphasize the agency’s policy and commitment to those we serve and who are associated with our agency, as well as to ensure compliance with Federal and New York State health care laws. The Corporate Compliance Program clearly defines Happiness House’s focus and expectations regarding quality service delivery, as demonstrated by our Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles. This program is established for Happiness House’s board members, employees, vendors, contractors, volunteers, student interns, physicians, independent contractors, and other agents. Happiness House’s commitment to ethical and legal business practices is essential to the advancement of the Mission and Vision.

Download Corporate Compliance Program HERE

Code of Conduct

Happiness House’s Code of Conduct describes the core values and beliefs of the agency and provides the foundation for all business conduct. The Code of Conduct (also known as Standards of Conduct) is designed as a commitment to uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior and practices in all areas of business connected with Happiness House. All parties shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations that affect its various programs, and all parties are obligated to observe and follow the Code of Conduct. Should their behavior conflict with this code, Happiness House will undertake appropriate disciplinary measures.

This Code applies to employees, members of the Board of Directors, volunteers, contractors, and other agents of Happiness House.

Download Code of Conduct HERE

Mandatory Reporting Information

Happiness House is committed to encouraging all agency employees, Board members, contractors, volunteers, and all other agents of the agency to report in good faith actual or potential violations of the law, agency policies and/or the Code of Conduct. Happiness House is devoted to safeguarding reporters from intimidation or retaliation of any kind for active, good-faith participation in the compliance program. Reports may be made by an employee, contractor, Board member, volunteer, service recipient, or any other agent confidentially and anonymously in writing, by telephone, in person, or via the Hotline without fear of retaliation.


Download Hotline Information HERE

Notice of Privacy Practices

Happiness House is committed to protecting your health information. This Notice of Privacy Practices describes how we may use and disclose your protected health information to carry out treatment, payment or health care operations and for other purposes that are permitted or required by law.


Preschool Programs: Parents receive a copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices in the intake packet and return the completed acknowledgment of receipt to the preschool. 


Download Notice of Privacy Practices HERE

FERPA- Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Happiness House is committed to protecting your children’s education records within the school setting. The annual notice of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is provided to parents upon initial application to the Preschool and annually. Parents must return a completed attestation sheet acknowledging receipt of Happiness House’s FERPA notice.  Parents are always welcome to speak to the Preschool Director, Privacy Officer, or VP of the Children’s Program if questions arise regarding privacy within the school setting.

Download Notice of Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act HERE

Should you require hard copies of these documents please contact or send a written request to:


Privacy Officer

Happiness House

731 Pre-emption Road

Geneva, NY 14456

(315) 789-6828



Resources for Managing Incidents

In order to provide the highest quality of individualized services while upholding the regulations of OPWDD and the NY Justice Center, agency employees will report incidents whenever warranted. Happiness House’s Incident Management Policy is applicable to all facilities and programs that are operated, certified, sponsored, or funded by OPWDD that apply to events and situations that are under the auspices of an agency or sponsoring agency which include: HCBS Waiver Services, Day Services, Residential Programs, and Article 16 Clinics. The purpose for reporting, documenting, and investigating incidents is to protect individuals who receive services from harm, to ensure that individuals served are free from abuse and neglect, and to enhance their quality of care.


Download The Part 624 Handbook HERE

Download OPWDD Learning About Incidents Brochure HERE

Visit OPWDD Incident Management online HERE

NYS Justice Center

Reporting an Incident (NYS Justice Center for the Protection of People With Special Needs) Reporting an Incident | Justice Center for the Protection of People With Special Needs (


TBI and NHTD waivers

Visit the Traumatic Brain Injury Program Manual ( online HERE

Visit the Section X: Incident Reporting Policy and Complaint Procedure ( online HERE

For more information or to receive hard copies of these documents or Happiness House’s Policies and Procedures , please contact or send a written request to:

Corporate Compliance Officer

Happiness House

731 Pre-emption Road

Geneva, NY 14456

(315) 789-6828

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