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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Services

Community Based Services


Independent Living Skills Training

Happiness House provides this one-to-one service in the person's home and community. The individual works with the instructor to complete a functional assessment of their skills. The individual then uses this assessment, combined with their personal interest, to develop a plan of service that addresses their specific needs. A wide variety of interests can be addressed including, but not limited to; employment, transportation, social opportunities, fiscal independence, health and well-being, activities of daily living, education, and maintaining a home.

For more information about the Happiness House Independent Living Skills Training Service, please contact Kileen Smith at (585) 394-9510 or

Home and Community Support Services













Our Home and Community Support Services are designed to assist individuals living independently in the community. This one-on-one support service can be provided to help with activities of daily living, reduce concerns around health and safety, or promote socialization and community participation. All staff is Personal Care Aide certified and overseen by a Registered Nurse.

For more information about Happiness House Home and Community Support Services, please contact Kileen Smith at (585) 394-9510 or

Community Integration Counseling

Community Integration Counseling is an individualized counseling service to assist individuals with a brain injury to effectively manage the emotional difficulties associated with living in the community with a disability. The counseling can address coping with altered abilities/skills, changes in personal relationships as a result of the injury, as well as coping with changes in life goals. This service may be provided to the individual in a one-on-one setting or accompanied by family and/or significant others in their lives.

For more information about The Happiness House Community Integration Counseling, please contact Kileen Smith at (585) 394-9510 or


Structured Day Program


This adult learning environment allows individuals to engage in meaningful activities to help them achieve personal goals. Participants receive support from qualified staff and have opportunities to develop friendships with other individuals who have brain injuries and who are working on their own recovery.

  • Clubs, enrichment programs, and groups are designed to allow everyone who participates in the Structured Day Program to find a niche that suits their individual needs and interests. Volunteer opportunities and community outings reconnect participants with the community.

  • S.T.E.P.S. to Success is a pre-vocational program designed to meet the needs of individuals whose long-term goals are to regain competitive employment and/or regular volunteer placements.

  • Recreation programming is geared toward individuals who are interested in building friendships and participating in recreational opportunities offered in the community.


Community guests with expertise in specific areas of interest are often invited to speak and demonstrate skills to the group.

For more information on the Structured Day Program, please contact Dionne Abraham at 585-394-9510 or

Service Coordination


Happiness House provides each person who accesses our services with Service Coordinators who ensure that the individual receives the support they need and desire. The Service Coordinator is an advocate for the person, helps them to access and maintain benefits such as Social Security and Food Stamps, connects the individual to community based services such as doctors and support groups, and ensures that they are satisfied with the services received.

For more information about Happiness House Service Coordination, please contact Shelby Fisher at (585) 394-9510,

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support Services


Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support Services is an individualized service designed to identify behaviors that prevent individuals with brain injuries from participating in other services or from living safely in the community of their choice. A decrease in maladaptive behavior and an increase in positive, socially acceptable behaviors is the primary goal of this service. This service is provided one-on-one but extends to other support staff, family, and social supports for the individual.

For more information about the Happiness House Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support Services, please contact Kileen Smith at (585) 394-9510 or


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Structured Day Program
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