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Ontario County


(315) 789-6828

Children's Programs:

(315) 789-6850


Ontario County

Adult Programs:

(585) 394-9510

Children's Programs:

(585) 394-1190

Golisano Autism Center,

Monroe County

Children's Programs:

(585) 685-8300

Toll free:

(866) 408-2550

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Support Services

Respite Days


Happiness House provides on-site respite services one Saturday per month from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Children ages three and up are eligible to attend. Parents supply a lunch and the child is offered activities and peer interactions. Children do not have to stay the full four hours but may do so. Staff engage the children in fun activities so that parents can have a break from their care.

Happiness House also offers individual respite services to children enrolled in the HCBS Waiver program who live in a home with at least one family member or caregiver. A skilled respite provider can come to the home and provide one-to-one care for the individual while their family/caregiver takes a break. This service can be provided in the home or out in the community. The provider will work with the individual at least once every 2 weeks for a minimum of 2 hours.

For more information about Happiness House Support Services, please contact Kileen Smith at (585) 394-9510 or

Click here for Information on Respite Services


Community Habilitation


Happiness House offers a community and home-based community habilitation service to individuals with developmental disabilities who would like to improve or maintain their ability to live independently. The service can be provided on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting. Individuals may choose to work on a wide range of goals including: educational, daily living, socialization, community integration, or health/wellness. Goals are based on the individual's personal interests. The focus of our community habilitation service is to find meaningful activities which assist the individual with achieving their goals.

For more information about Happiness House Community Habilitation Services, please call Kileen Smith at (585) 394-9510 or

Family Partnership Program


Happiness House provides a reimbursement program to families and individuals to assist with the higher costs related to the person's disabilities. Each application is reviewed by a committee of staff and parents. Items that can be reimbursed include continence products, babysitting (not daycare), educational items, sensory items, and other therapeutic items. Requests can be one-time or for ongoing needs.

For more information about the Happiness House Family Partnership Program, please contact Kileen Smith at (585) 394-9510 or

Care Giver Support Services


Finger Lakes Parents Supporting People with Autism is a monthly support group which provides education, activities and socialization opportunities for individuals with Autism and for those who care for them.

Autism Respite Training is offered on an on-going basis to individuals who offer respite or child care to someone on the Autism Spectrum.

The Family Reimbursement Program provides families with reimbursement for equipment, diets and child care associated with meeting the needs of a family member with Autism.

For more information about Happiness House Autism Services, please contact Jill Mundy at (315) 789-6828 or

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